Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What steps are taken before the service starts?

A.After meeting with the customer, we visit the site to conduct a survey, and when the plan is finalized, we produce AR content and provide AR service after final testing.

Q.What services do you specialize in?

A.Based on the know-how provided to various institutions and companies over the years, we plan and recreate AR services suitable for the purpose of introduction in the desired space.

Q.How can I find out the cost of the service?

A.Depending on the AR production method and production quantity limit, time and amount are completed from 100 to 2,000.

Q.Which of the services you have completed is representative? How long did it take?

TreasureHunt: Eunpyeong Hanok Village 10days

AR Photo Zone: Hanam City Hall 20days

AR Docent: Seongbuk-gu 20days

AR Education: Bucheon High School

AR Performance: Musical Taroo

Q.What is the A/S or refund policy?

A.AR content is produced and reviewed before final testing. A/S caused by problems on our side during operation is carried out free of charge.