We make

various AR services

where you want


for spatial and cultural activation

AR contentsare produced and provided.

AR Service
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체험 이미지

A healthy outdoor program
that stimulates curiosity

체험 이미지

In the photo zone, Ta-da!,
Moving AR photo zone.

AR Photo Zone
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AR suitable for regional characteristics,
space utilization, and easy tourism

AR Tour
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Create a smart viewing environment
Without a separate equipment rental

AR Docent
체험 이미지

Every place is a concert hall.
Concert, play, musical

AR Performance
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Future Industry Education
Fun Experiential Education

AR Education
고객사면담 이미지 1

Interview with customer

현장서베이 이미지 2

On-site survey.

콘텐츠촬영 이미지 3

AR content production.

장소3d맵핑 이미지 4

3D scan of the location.

현장 최종테스트 이미지 5

Final test before opening.


Through the unique AR experience of the Tresigny, we want to deliver the value of space to people and share fun experiences with them.